Statue of Amenemhet II

Ancient Egypt, last quarter of the 20th - first quarter of the 19th century BC

This statue dates from the era of the Middle Kingdom, but its attribution is no easy matter because the face has been heavily reworked: in order to restore the damaged nose an ancient craftsman deeply cut back the area around it, making the lips and cheekbones much more prominent. Nevertheless, an examination of the finer stylistic details makes it possible to identify features that were typical for sculptures of Amenemhet II: a broad face, eyes that are straight at the bottom and strongly curved above, eyebrows in the form of relief strips that slope slightly towards the bridge of the nose and continue far beyond the outer corners of the eyes, a torso with pronounced chest muscles. The restoration and reworking of the statue took place in the reign of Ramesses II, whose names and titles were carved on the upper part of the arms. Yet the well-known face of Ramesses II is nothing like that of Amenemhet II, or the result of the re-carving. Resemblance was not important, though: identification of an image with a person took place exclusively by means of the name, which led to the widespread practice of rulers appropriating the statues of their predecessors.


Statue of Amenemhet II


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height: 35 cm

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